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Nike’s Travis Scott ‘British Khaki’ Jordan 6 sneaker drops this week

This week will be a special one for the “Travis Scott saved my life” crowd, as the rapper is set to release his second Air Jordan 6. The cargo-pocketed sneaker is dropping in a new “British Khaki” color scheme, an update to the original “Olive” version released in 2019.

While largely running it back, there are a few alterations to set apart the new sneaker from its predecessor. Scott’s “Jackboys” logo now appears on the medial side’s midsole, while the tongue, heel pull, and lace toggle now appear in a semi-translucent rubber and plastic.

Still, all that matters in the mindless sneaker landscape of today is this — it’s Travis Scott’s, and it’ll be all but impossible to secure. Regardless of who’s actually in love with the sneaker for the sneaker, it’ll be the talk of the week before it sells out overwhelmingly quick and sneakerheads eventually move on to the next “must-cop.” Resellers who treat the Air Jordan 6 as just another asset will secure another lucrative payday while taking advantage of the sad saps who weren’t so lucky, and “real fans” will be left mostly empty-handed.

This discouraging routine could be avoided if Nike simply made enough to fulfill demand — but we all know that’ll never happen.

Releasing alongside the Air Jordan 6 will be a dedicated capsule that’ll be only slightly less in demand. An embroidered hoodie, jumbled T-shirt, cargo vest, and sweatpants will all release in the same “British Khaki” — which will have a bunch of hypebeasts looking like soft-handed descendants of those who fought in the North African campaign of World War 2.

Between the vest and the kicks, wearers will have no shortage of storage options. So what’ll be kept in all these pockets? Probably Juul pods and the keys to an apartment where a Chicken Nugget pillow is considered acceptable decor.

Scott’s new Air Jordan 6 is slated to release this Friday, April 30, through retailers including Oneness and Feature. Nike has yet to confirm it for the SNKRS app, but it should launch there at some point soon, if not the same day. Travis Scott, meanwhile, will be raffling off the chance to purchase a pair on his online shop.

Pray to the lord of rage and you may just land yourself a pair. The SNKRS app and various other raffles will be your trenches.


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